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A year later

My last post was a year ago. Exactly.
I have survived the waiting, pushing my fears back behind the curtains on the stage which is my life. No sign of cancer now, so I am dealing with all of the other weird things my body is up to...asthma and neuropathy being the foremost players. I have vowed to myself to make this life less of a sad drama and more of a fun experience. I'm not all the way to comedy yet.
So I face another school year with hope in my heart and resolutions to enjoy life a little more and fret a little less.

Thoughts about autumn

I'm happy that it's cooling down, coloring up. Leaves are still nice although last night's rain and high winds took down much of the fall decorations. Life is relatively slow right now, but it will speed up soon: NEAS&C visit in a week, followed by family math/science night and a math meet, then the play, and then mom's visit. Would like to believe that I'll have time to get some work done ahead so that when she gets here I'll have time after school and won't be found working late. I'm looking forward to skiing this year and spent this morning drooling over the ski resort photos and articles in the most recent issue of SKI magazine. Definitely would like to plan a getaway...maybe with some skiing gal friends.


swimming upstream

Dawn and I have had some interesting talks after our summer school sessions. But in the end we don't make any progress because as teachers we're really swimming upstream. I think that even when the teacher is doing the right things in the classroom, if the home life isn't on the same page we don't get anywhere. In the worst case scenarios, we actually end up behind...when the families undermine what we're trying to do by discrediting us, or neglecting basic needs of kids, like food, shelter, healthcare, love. That last one is a real kicker. Hard to quantify. But after 20-some years in the classroom, I think I'm starting to identify that one, too.

weight loss

I am experiencing success (for once) at losing weight deliberately...gotta love myfitnesspal.com

elusive morels

I've been thinking a lot about morels lately. They are supposedly found around here, but I haven't talked with anyone who forages for them. I'm watching the leaves start to pop out, and a semi-panic sets in, that the little buggers will escape detection, saved by the bell of early summer.

Had dinner out tonight, nice restaurant. My meal was haddock with crab topping, mixed rice, and vegetables. The sauce was buttery, which was good but too heavy. Kept thinking what a waste of butter, better to saute some morels in it, and do without the sauce...

the usual

My journal still had a Christmas theme. The usual; I'm several months behind on everything, with a to-do list mile long of things that I'm not motivated to do. Don't know how I keep up with the essentials. Well, yes, by not writing in my journal!
So there are about five and a half weeks left of school. I can smell the end. Summer plans include a technology conference in Philadelphia in June, a trip to Michigan in July, and teaching summer school in August. No gardening on my plate, but maybe I'll ride my bike a little more, and get the guitar back out and relearn what I've lost. My piano is in tune so I have no worries...
Maybe I'll write about food since I think about food a lot...


I'm looking forward to our trip to Norway, and grateful that we have a week off to prepare! It seems weird that we have a week of school vacation, then we are leaving for Norway the following week. Things just work out that way sometimes!

Last year I went to so many ski races of all kinds, this year almost none! The exception was the NH Division IV State Nordic Championships at Great Glen. Cold. I forgot my cowbells, but I think it doesn't matter since I had to hold a pencil and write down times at the finish.

Wonder how I will be assigned at Hafjell. Hope there is someone who speaks English!

I love the way the church has been decorated for Christmas. I also love that the decorations are left in place for a few weeks. Shorter this year since Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Saturdays; Epiphany will be January 2, which is early. (And Easter will be late!)

I usually am down below so get a different view, but on Sunday I played the final hymn/carol on the organ so I got this view; wonderful!


Hey, I did finally get back to it~
It's December now; I managed to get in 13 "workouts" during November! Most of those were dog-walking, but somebody's got to walk the dog...

Now that it is so dark so early, I'm often walking with flashlight, reflective arm bands, and red flashers. Supposed to snow the next three days so I suppose it will be boots as well.

getting back to it

I guess I've gotta get back to it...

back to correcting my own papers when my student teacher graduates...
back to going to the gym now that the weather is colder and it gets dark earlier...
back to posting occasionally on this blog!

Halloween is coming up. Here's a cool math teacher prank...